Tiny Tales - Book 1

Buzzy the Brave Little Bee

Join Buzzy, a small but courageous little bee, on an exciting adventure to find the rare bluebell flower and bring back the sweetest nectar to his hive. Discover how bravery isn’t about being fearless but about doing what’s right even when you’re scared in “Buzzy the Brave Little Bee.”

About the Book

Buzzy the Brave Little Bee

Good story about a bee

Once upon a time, in a vibrant meadow full of colorful flowers, there lived a little bee named Buzzy. Buzzy wasn’t like the other bees in his hive. He was smaller, with bright golden stripes and wings that shimmered in the sunlight. But what made Buzzy truly special was his brave heart.

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About the Author

Joanna Brudley

Joanna an acclaimed children’s author known for her ability to weave enchanting tales that captivate young minds while imparting valuable life lessons. 

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Enhance your classroom experience with our comprehensive set of resources for “Buzzy the Brave Little Bee.” These materials are designed to support teachers in delivering engaging and educational activities that complement the beloved children’s book. Perfect for early childhood and elementary educators, these resources provide a variety of tools to foster learning and creativity while reinforcing the story’s themes of bravery, friendship, and perseverance.


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